"I'm living in the Netherlands now for almost 6 years and I am not very comfortable reading, writing or speaking the language. I have done lessons in the past but I am far from fluent, I wish I could speak it better as I do think that it would help to better integrate.

I have found that workmen who are very happy to deal with me in broken (or perfect English) prefer me to complain in Dutch, I prefer to complain in fluent Dutch!

So when I wanted to write to my builders to explain that I had found a replacement for the 100 year old glass that they broke when they were working on my house I was also happy for bubblecake to translate my letter explaining the cost and where I had sourced the replacement. Bubblecake were able to translate my letter into perfect Dutch, I explained the tone I wanted (not abrupt, gentle) and I received my translated Dutch letter pretty quickly which I sent on to my builders.

I've been quite happy with the services of bubblecake and will be using them again - indeed myself and my other half have just signed up for private lessons with Isabelle!"

-- D O'Sullivan - Utrecht

"Isabelle is a very enthusiastic professional with excellent language skills. I studied Dutch with Isabelle for a year and was very happy with the personalised and patient approach she offered. Highly recommended!"

-- Rebecca, Amsterdam (originally from Scotland)


"Bubblecake provided me with translation services in January 2012. I needed some complex medical terminology translated from Dutch to English and not only did they provide exemplary translation services in a timely manner, but their customer service was outstanding. When I required the document sooner than anticipated due to an appointment with the medical professor, they were able to expedite my request and email me a pdf. translation the following day at no extra cost!

I would highly recommend bubblecake translation services for quality, speed and service!"

-- Leighton Simms, Amsterdam (originally from Brighton, UK)


"The help and advice received from bubblecake was invaluable as an expat living in the Netherlands. The rules and procedures to register and arrange things here can be rather daunting when everything is so different from what you are used to – and in a different language. Trying to arrange the right insurance, car parking permits or even installing your telephone line for example can be so much harder than it could be, therefore the professional, thorough yet friendly help received made the transition so much easier."

-- K. Webster - Amsterdam (Originally from Hull, UK)


"When I needed to take legal action against a central heating supplier that didn't deliver the goods I ordered, I found bubblecake's services invaluable.  Isabelle helped me every step of the way, from my initial complaint to dealing with the ballifs following a successful court judgement. Her approach is friendly, timely and professional and I am only too happy to recommend her services".

-- Greg Brown - Amsterdam (Originally from Scarborough, UK)